I’m Luke Stephens, but you can call me hakluke.

Most people know me as a computer hacker.

I document the things I learn about cybersecurity, wealth creation, and lifestyle design. I'm a techie and a minimalist, always seeking to simplify the complex. I'm a light traveller who craves exploration, connection, authenticity and growth.

I founded two businesses: a cybersecurity consultancy called Haksec, and a marketing agency for cybersecurity orgs called HackerContent. With these two projects, I'm fulfilling two of my life purposes: protecting humans, and reforming the cybersecurity marketing landscape.

When I'm not managing Haksec and HackerContent, I'm a dad, a hacker, a coder and a qualified jazz trumpet player. My ultimate goal is to build an incredible life for myself and my family.

Blog posts

10 tips for crushing bug bounties

I want to share with you my top 10 bite-sized tips to help you crush bug bounties in your first 12 months. Let’s dive in!

List of Cybersecurity Subreddits

This one is for you cybersecurity redditors - a list of cybersecurity subreddits that you might not already know about!

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Current projects

  1. Company
    Cybersecurity marketing agency
    Founded 2021
  2. Company
    Cybersecurity consultancy
    Founded 2021