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10 Tips For Crushing Bug Bounties in the First 12 Months

10 actionable tips for bug bounty beginners to boost their success in the first 12 months of hacking. Don’t forget to subscribe for more!

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Casey John Ellis Interview

Casey is an A-Grade distruptor, a successful entrepreneur, a pioneer in crowd-sourced security, the founder and CTO or Bugcrowd, a hacker, musician, family man, and all-round great human. In this interview we chat about his childhood, inspiration, motivation, previous businesses, views on life, productivity hacks, work/life balance, entrepreneurship, cyber security, and the power of surrounding yourself with good people. If you’re curious, I tracked down some of his music on Soundcloud: I’m fairly sure that this is the TV show that he hosted, although I can’t find any videos of him actually hosting – let me know if you can!